St Matthews Primary School, Gloucestershire

St Matthews school is literally 5 minutes down the road from our workshop, they gave us a ring and asked us to meet with them. They had three areas which they wanted us to develop. First of all, the reception area. They had some old equipment in there which they wanted to replace, a mud kitchen and a sandpit. They also wanted a small stage in the corner and a patch of artificial grass in the middle of a pre existing roadway. Then on the main playground they asked for something for the older children to enjoy, we opted for a sports wall and also some traverse walls. Then finally they wanted a trim trail on the playing field.

Branscombe, Devon

We first met with David at Branscombe in July of 2017, they had a very tired looking play area sandwiched between the village hall and cricket field. They had a budget in mind and asked us to come up with a few different designs incorporating some of their old pieces of equipment which they wanted to keep. They decided on two of our large towers linked with a bridge. They wanted a slide, firepole, net and a ramp. Also a large clamberstack from AE Evans which we installed. They also wanted bark around the new pieces of kit and asked us to move an old rocking horse (which weighed a tonne!) to the top of the play area. The community were very pleased with the outcome and we were too.

Invicta Primary School, Deptford

Invicta Primary school had two areas in their playground which weren't being used. They were overgrown with nasty shrubs and generally were considered to be unuseable. We met with the headteacher there 2/3 months before we carried out the work. She said she'd like one lare piece of play equipment in one area and some challenging low level equipment in the other area. We came up with the idea of adding a play trail to the one area but couldn't decide on the piece of play equipment. We were a stones throw away from the Thames and the Cutty Sark, also the headteacher told us there was a strong maritime link to their school, so we decided on a shipwreck! We were on site for two weeks and went for artificial grass on the play trail area and rubber mulch with blue artificial grass on the shipwreck area. Flick through the photos and designs to see the finished project.

Bishopston, Swansea

We met up with our contact in November 2017. He told us that the council at Bishopston wanted to revamp their current playground as It was over 15 years old. The large piece of kit in the middle of the park needed to stay for the time being but we got the go ahead to install a play boat, a swingset and also to replace their old train with a new one. All on safagrass mats. The council wanted to stage the work so we first installed the swings in December, then the boat in march and finally the train in April. It has certainly freshened the area up and we're pretty sure we'll get the nod to remove the old kit in the middle and replace with our 'Stanton towers' sooner rather than later.

Kelvin Grove Primary School, London

Kelvin Grove Primary got in touch with us at the start of 2018. They sent us a 30 page document they had compiled with the children. They planned many changes in their playground, some big, some small. They told us that they wanted to stage the work. This is stage one of the project, we ripped out some old planters and cleared space for some play equipment. There was very little colour in this area so we thought we'd bring some in! we opted for blue/green wetpour, red toadstools and multi coloured climbing stones. Then we added in a tower with a tunnel through the middle, a play trail and a large double sided climbing wall. See the finished atricle along with the design pics below....

Rodmarton Primary School, Gloucestershire

We have done a few smaller jobs for Rodmarton primary before, The head there asked us to quote for a new play area as the old kit was rotting in places and was becoming a bit of an eyesore. We came up with the design and sent it back to them. It was a while before we heard back (the school had been busy raising the money), but we got the go ahead towards the back end of 2017. We started to install the kit just before Christmas 2017 and completed the first week of January 2018. We also replaced the legs of their lean to for them because they were rotten too. Because there wasn't enough money in the pot to change the safety surfacing, we cleaned up what was already there and patched in the holes/gaps with a vibrant blue artificial grass. The school are extremely pleased with the outcome and so are we.

Public Playing Field, Gloucestershire

We were invited by Cainscross Parish Council to quote for a new play area after the existing one got vandalised. The previous play area had a play barge made out of wooden posts and plastic panels. Also there was rubber mulch safety surfacing. We loved the look of the old barge but thought there was little play value. We wanted to keep the boat idea but add more play value and also go for artificial grass. We also sourced blue artificial grass to create the illusion the boat was on water (the canal runs straight past the play area hence the boat theme). We also added a handful of mushroom seats and a couple of large benches for the parents. The council loved our designs and asked us to start planning and manufacturing as soon as possible. Because of the unfortunate demise of the old play area, and the amount of time the area was left untouched, the public had a very positive reaction to what we created and it's become a very popular place for parents to take their children.

Uplands Manor, Smethwick

We have done a fair few jobs at Uplands Manor primary school now, so when the head approached us and asked if we could breathe a little life in to an area of the school, we jumped at the chance to come up with a design for them. The area was a car park outside the reception classroom. The head wanted to turn it in to a new exciting playground for the children encorporating play equipment and also an outdoor classroom. Because this area of the school was very dull, we wanted to brighten it up with lots of colour and exciting things for the children to do. The head loved our design and immediately gave us the go ahead to start work just before the summer holidays (2017). The job took us 3 weeks to complete. 

Stanton St John, Oxfordshire

We received a call from Stanton St John parish council at the start of 2016. Our contact asked us to meet with her as their old play equipment was in a poor state. We quoted to remove the old kit, install our new tower set, build a new mini trim trail which would lead up to the swing set and lay rubber mulch around the whole area. After a lot of alterations and a battle for them with their grant we were delighted to hear we had won the job (against some fierce competition). Because the park is in such a beautiful open area, we tried to keep the colours very neutral. We chucked in a couple of mounted activity panels to show our appreciation. We were on the job for two and a half weeks. It was completed on the 22nd March 2017.

Jack and Jill Playgroup, Bicester

Jack and Jill playgroup called on us to freshen up their outside play area. We first met with them just before Christmas 2016 and installed w/c 13th Feb 2017. We built a 6m x 2m canopy to keep the parents dry when dropping off/waiting for their children, built and installed a waterplay, put in activity panels and mushrooms, updated their rubber mulch surfacing and installed some new artificial grass for them. Look below to see before and after pics and also the design we did for them.

Rowanfield Primary School, Cheltenham

Rowanfield Primary school had a a large space on their playing field and they were after a trim trail for around £5000.00 inc vat. We came up with a design for them which they loved. We manufactured the equpment in our workshop and installed it over two days. The Activity Trail was 20m long. We have since had many enquiries after uploading the photo's of the job on our facebook page so have decided to market the '5k Timber Play'.

Uplands Manor Primary School, Birmingham

We completed a large job at Uplands Manor at the start of the year (if you scroll down you'll see it). They had another area of waste land which they wanted to make use of. We met with a teacher who said he would like a wild area with nice apple trees, pathways and some kind of outdoor classroom. We came up with the idea of having two timber pods with apple trees inside them, pathways leading around them in the figure of eight and a large 5m hexagonal classroom with integrated benches and easels. We also fenced off the steep bank with a 30m picket fence and screened off the back area with hazel panels.

Uplands Playgroup, Gloucestershire

We have been friends with Uplands playgroup for a while now. We did a plan for them a couple of years ago and Debbi and the team there have been fundraising for the work to take place. We've completed all the work you see in three stages. The first stage was a shade sail, secondly we built a red bus (which is the playgroup's logo), for the third stage we rebuilt the canopy at the back, replaced all the timber steps, installed artificial grass, re-sprayed the roadway and built a small tower with a crawl tunnel through the middle. 

Phoenix Playmates, Gloucestershire

Julie at Phoenix playmates got in touch with us because she was after some play equipment on a grassed area of land at the back of her playgroup. We quickly came up with a plan for her which she loved. We included a double sided net/rockwall, a tunnel and a small stage deck with upright posts (to allow for Julie and her team to hang fabric from). She also mentioned another area where she liked the idea of artificial grass and a shade sail. 

Uplands Manor Primary School, Birmingham

When we visited Uplands Manor school they showed us an area of their playing field which was slightly overgrown and hardly used. They gave us free roam to come up with an exciting/relaxing area which incorporated the trees and wildlife already inhabiting the area. We decided to keep it very natural with sand hoggin pathways, chunky planters,  benches, a shed, a bridge over a rubber mulch pond, hazel screens to block out the outside world, and a fence. It transformed a previously bland area in to an attractive, welcoming space where children and teachers could come to relax, unwind and study the wildlife. We were also asked to put blue rubber mulch around a tyre area which had turned extremely muddy. 

St Dominic's Catholic Primary School

We were asked to visit St Domininc's school at the back end of the summer as they had an outside area which was in need of a transformation. At first the area looked small as there was a lot of clutter. We came up with a plan and drew up a visual of what their outside area could look like. The plan included wetpour, artificial grass, a story telling area, a bark pit with a mud kitchen, a large sandpit, a chalkboard and various storage solutions.

Longney Primary, Gloucestershire

Longney Primary School contacted us because they had an area in the corner of their playground which was slightly overgrown and they didn't know what to do with it. They liked the idea of having a small patch of artificial grass and also some kind of shelter for the children to sit in if the weather was bad. They also wanted a stage area on their playground for the children to perform outside plays etc. This is what we came up with.

Linden Primary, Gloucester ~ Area 1

This was one of the areas in Linden Primary School that we were asked to look at. Before it was Just a stretch of mud and grass where the children played in the old sandpit that was previously there. The teachers and parents were fed up of the constant mess the children were getting in to and asked us for ideas. We eventually settled on a artificial grass area housing a crawl tunnel, monkey bars and a quieter seating area with a chalkboard.

Linden Primary, Gloucester ~ Area 2

In this area of the school we were asked to build a small playhouse for the reception class with it's own veranda, deck,  garden and picket fence. We even knocked up a house sign just for authenticity. We were on site for two days installing this.

King's Stanley playing fields ~ Toddler Play Towers

We were asked to replace some old play equipment at the bottom of King's Stanley playing fields. We came up with a design consisting of 3 play towers, a stainless steel slide, a clatterbridge, a climbing wall, 2 x ladders and scramble net and we also re located 2 springers which were previously in the area. The project took around two weeks to complete from start to finish and is proving to be very popular in the local area. 

Wycliffe Prep School  ~  Sensory Garden

Wycliffe Prep School required a new sensory garden in a dissused area of the school grounds.  We worked with a local landscape company to design the garden.  Dave Smart ( stripped away all the existing tarmac and installed the winding pathways, flower beds, artificial grass and surrounding fencing.  We installed various timber products to bring the garden to life.  The project took around 6 weeks to complete.

Cashes Green Primary School

Cashes Green Primary School had a bank area in their playground which was not being used.  We installed a bonded rubber mulch pathway leading to a Story Teller's Area with a Shade Sail Canopy and Mushroom Seats.  We then enclosed the space by fitting hazel screen panels along the perimeter.  The lower area was transformed into a quiet decked area with a picnic bench.  Picket fencing was then installed across the front with sleeper access steps.

Brockmoor Primary School   ~   Fire Pit Area

The school requested a fire pit area which needed to include a large timber shelter with integrated seating and a sand hoggin base.  We enclosed the area by using 3ft high hazel screen panels which gave the area some privacy and security.  The shelter measures 4m in diameter.  The area is also used as a quiet area for children to sit during playtime.

Thames Water, London

We have done previous work with Thames water, we were asked to install 2 shade sails with picnic benches in one area (very similar to our last job there), and then fence off another area with a boardwalk and a pond.  This project took us three days to complete.

The Brier School, West Midlands

The school had 4 tear-drop planter areas which were not being used agreat deal.  We decided to lay artificial grass within the pods and fence them off using a multi-coloured & green HDPE fencing system.  Access gates were included.  Within the rest of the playground we produced a large bonded rubber mulched mound with log steps, a timber planter and performed some running repairs on some of their existing equipment.

Brandhall Primary School, West Midlands

Within the grounds of this primary school was a small courtyard which was used to keep chickens.  We came up with the idea to make this into a small farm park.  We created winding pathways of different textures which led to different zones.. Each zone now holds different animals such as quail, rabbits and more.  A learning area was added along with a large pergola.

Bussage Primary School, Gloucestershire

Bussage Primary had a few trim trail items on their playing field.  We added more items like a Tyre Balance, Traversing Wall, Log Stilt Walk and more.  We then installed green/red bonded rubber mulch to complete the look.

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